Bri is a graduate student in the Plant and Environmental Sciences Department at New Mexico State University. She grew up in New York and graduated from Sayville High School on Long Island. Bri earned a BA in Geology and Environmental Science at Colby College in Maine, and an MSc in Biology from South Dakota State University associated with the Geospatial Sciences Center of Excellence.

Research Interests

Bri is savanna ecologist with interests in vegetation pattern formation, disturbance regimes, and coupled human-natural systems. She uses a combination of ecological theory, modeling, remote sensing, and field studies as a framework for approaching research questions. Her NASA NESSF funded PhD research explores how termite mounds impact landscape scale vegetation productivity, water redistribution, and fire regimes using moderate and high-resolution imagery in Sahelian and southern African savannas.

Personal Interests

Bri loves to go on hikes with her springer spaniel Diesel and enjoys cooking, gardening, and tennis.