Caroline Toth


Caroline is an M.S. student in the Savanna Lab at New Mexico State University and a Graduate Research Fellow with the Jornada Basin Long-Term Ecological Research Program. She grew up in New Jersey and received her B.S. in Plant Science from the University of Delaware in 2016. Caroline has worked at several botanic gardens as a land steward and arborist, as well as a native plant greenhouse technician at Grand Canyon National Park and a native seed collection specialist at the Bureau of Land Management in Moab. She moved to Las Cruces in March of 2019.

Research Interests

Caroline studies shrub demographics of the Jornada Basin in order to understand bottleneck factors influencing recruitment of contrasting shrub types. She tests creosote bush (Larrea tridentata), mesquite (Prosopis glandulosa), tarbush (Flourensia cernua) and mariola (Parthenium incanum) seeds and seedlings against varying germination conditions, precipitation levels, soil types, and microbial conditions to gauge success in different areas of the Jornada.

Personal Interests

In her free time, Caroline loves running, hiking, reading, and hanging out with her rabbit, Dusty.