Danielle is a Database Analyst for Savanna lab at NMSU and works primarily on georeferencing data analysis using CORONA satellite images. She received her Bsc in Agricultural Biology at NMSU in 2016 and went on to obtain an MSc in Agricultural Biology with an emphasis in Entomology at NMSU in 2018. After graduating, Danielle worked as a program specialist in the ISABEL lab at NMSU. Projects in this lab focused on biocontrol of noxious weeds around New Mexico.

Research Interests

Danielle has mainly been involved in entomological-related research which included: studying the life history and egg-laying habits of the stink bug Bagrada hilaris, determining the functional morphology of the eggs of the assassin bug genus Sinea, mapping the distribution and abundance of Sinea species in New Mexico, and studying olfactory cues released from the noxious weed Russian knapweed, and how these cues affect biocontrol agents. Danielle also has experience acquiring and analyzing data using gas chromatography and mass spectrometry along with gas chromatrography and electro-antennography.

Personal Interests

Danielle likes to play with her animals, hike, cook new recipes, and learn!