Haneen is currently the Lab Coordinator for the Savanna lab at NMSU and Data Analyst for the Jornada LTER. Before coming to Las Cruces, she obtained her Bsc in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. After graduating, she worked as a botanical research assistant in the Mojave Desert where she learned how dynamic and alive deserts are. In 2016, she went on to research the microbial ecology of biocrusts at the Jornada LTER for her MS thesis at NMSU. She graduated in December 2018.

Research Interests

Haneen’s past research investigated the seasonal changes of various microbial components living within biocrusts at the Jornada LTER. She found nematodes, rotifers, tardigrades, and copious amoeba using microscopy, and algae, fungi, and bacteria with phospholipid fatty acid analyses.

Personal Interests

In her free time, Haneen loves to hike, bike, paint, and bake amazing vegan cookies!