Julius was born and raised in Cameroon where he obtained a BSc in Environmental Science (2005) and an MSc in Botany (2010) at the University of Buea. He travelled to the US in 2011 where he obtained a PhD in Geography at the University of South Florida (2016). His research involves applying geospatial technology (mainly remote sensing) towards solving problems at the human-environment interface.

Research Interests

Julius is currently a Research Assistant Professor working with Dr. Hanan on the NASA funded SERVIR Applied Science Team Project. His recent work focuses on developing earth observation applications relevant to vegetation monitoring in the savannas of West, East, and Southern Africa, with the aim of supporting agro-pastoralist livelihoods. Specific applications he has worked on include: woody cover/biomass mapping, assessing long-term vegetation trends, and dry season vegetation/forage monitoring.

Personal Interests

In his spare time, Julius likes to watch football (soccer) and is a big supporter of Arsenal Football Club and the Cameroon National Team.