Robert Wojcikiewicz


Robert is a graduate student pursuing a Master’s degree at the Savanna Lab at New Mexico State University and the Jornada Basin Long Term Experimental Range Site (LTER). He is originally from upstate New York and received his undergraduate degree in Geology from SUNY Geneseo in 2014. His first visit to Las Cruces was in 2016 where he spent six months doing ecological inventories for the Bureau of Land Management. He worked for the past two years in Albany, New York as an environmental consultant before deciding to return to academics (and New Mexico) in 2019.

Research Interests

Robert is currently using satellite imagery and the Savanna Lab drone to extract vegetation data throughout the Jornada LTER. The end goal of this remote sensing work is to quantify bare-ground and vegetative connectivity at different spatio-temporal scales and image resolutions. This work will also inform his more general interests related to state change processes in the desert and creating non-binary connectivity indices.

Personal Interests

When not doing research Robert enjoys playing and listening to music, walking around the desert, and cooking.